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Recently, I heard on CNN that the price of crude oil price fell below low a dollar, this was said to be as a result of excess supply. Which happens to be an offshoot of the lock down period when people  are mostly in doors. 

I have seen people generally expressing fears about the likely negative outcomes on air and social media.

But until we come to the realization of the fact that the new crude oil is in us, we may not see a way forward. 

The only thing about this type of crude oil is that it can only be harnessed through creativity and effort. 

It lies in your ability to fine-tune whatever you are doing to suite what your existing customers or market currently  need.

It is tied to your willingness to learn new skills that will enable you solve existing problems better and even new ones as they emerge. 

It is wrapped in your ability to see opportunies in problems both online and offline and then taking action. 

It is first of all about acknowledging the new change, then looking for ways to reposition and then take advantage of the situation. 

This is the time to look inward for solutions instead of blaming governments or any other  source. 

Prior to this time, people usually look up to the government for solutions. But in the coming days, governments across the globe will look up to people who can be solution providers. 

Please do not forget that the new crude oil is inside of you and no longer in the ground. Explore it. 

Jumoke Ayeni 

Agricultural Economist | Blogger |Digital Marketer


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